Daniel Song

July, November 2011
Nichole Sanderson

I glanced down one day to find ropes about my wrists
And said, Savior, what is this?
Looked up again to doors unopened on every side
I run frantic, myself beside
To find the walls closing in all the exits sealed
Bowed down to the floor reduced to tears
Helpless and overwhelmed with fear
My God my God what is happening?
My God my God what is happening?

Stifled and gasping on the plumes
God, I can’t breathe in these fumes
My heart’s failing from the heat
The flames surround I cannot see
It’s too much, Lord, please deliver me
I’m on my knees
On my knees
Please set me free

Searching in my past I’m confused
How did I get here?
What did I do?
Yet in the pain Your voice breaks through
Be still my child I’m here with you
Not just here but in you too
I know it hurts, I know it stings
But because of this I will do great things

I ask myself what I believe
Your Word oh Lord or the fire in front of me
You’ve never failed before, how could You now?
This is not beyond You it’s what You’ve allowed
So because of who You are
I’ll trust there’s something more
and even if You tarry if You wait
‘Til my final breath and to the world it’s too late
By and by I’ll be safe
In Your arms finally be safe

It’s not the way I would choose
I’d prefer not to need so much faith
But You’re seeing me through
Seeing me through
And that’s how You’ll make me new

So whether You rescue me from, beginning to end, or by
I’ll fix my eyes to be chained in liberty
Locked in grace
A captive hope
Beholding Your face
Prisoner to the deliverer
In Your consuming fire completely set ablaze
Out of harm’s way though the infernos rage

Standing now bonds burned away
Far and gone are all my weights
Gone and gone is everything fake
And what do you know
On me there is no scent of smoke
No scent of smoke
In Your presence purified and whole

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