He Will Come

July 2011
Nichole Sanderson

Is God a man that He should lie?
Or a thief that He should steal?
When will we realize
The trials we perceive with our eyes
Are only a shadow compared to what’s to come
He will come

When I can’t shake the way I’m feeling
When all I see is so deceiving
It’s Your Word that I’m believing
It’s You I’m believing
You’ll lead me to still waters
You’ll be my perfect Father
You won’t leave or abandon
You love me more than I can fathom
Faithful and relentless
You’re steadfast and endless
Your ways can’t be suppressed
They are infinite and ageless
Infinite and ageless

Will perfection cheat or betray?
Can holiness ever mislead?
Though He seems to delay
He will neither flee nor forsake
We’ll never disappointed wake, never be played
Because He isn’t fake

When I’m smiling
When I weep
You are constant
You are deep
You’re incessant
You’re guaranteed
Firm as the sun from the east
We will wait
We will endure
In You our hope is sure
Our amen, it resounds
Walls come down at the sound
In Your shelter peace abounds
For our answer has been found
Promises made true, every one
They are “yes” in the Son
Who proclaimed that He will come
He proclaimed that He will come

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