About the Writer

In a Nutshell:

I’m Nichole: purveyor of things most awesome. And superlatives. I can either be found lost inside of a good book or firmly planted in the reality of my day job. I can also be found running and hiking in the mountains of Utah, or brewing a morning cup of coffee over a fire in the heart of Arizona’s national forests. You’ll also find me listening and sharing my poetry within the surprisingly talented open mic scene of Salt Lake City. I talk to strangers. Running is fun, especially when it isn’t away from something. Glasses are a permanent accessory to my face both because I’m practically blind and they increase my perceived IQ by at least 20 points. Sushi is God’s gift to mankind. So are cats. I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike. I am not afraid to jump out of an airplane with a parachute. In fact, I’m not afraid of much, except of the idea of coming to the end of my life with the regrets that follow a life spent worried about “what-if” and “I can’t” instead of spent in the moment. I’m reckless, but I’m safe. I’m old for my age, but I’m optimistic. I’m buzzed, but I’m sharp. Heck, I’m an archetypal Alanis Morissette lyric.

4 Responses to About the Writer

  1. laurelspage says:

    I love it, Nichole. Good for you for setting this up. I have one also, although I don’t write in it as much as I thought that I would. I love your poem about winter. Keep up the good work!! And yes, you are older for your age, but amazing and I miss getting so see you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful words with all of us. Laurel

    • Thank you, Laurel! I do miss seeing you as well. Are you still attending Sandy Ridge at all? If not, where (if anywhere)? Thank you again for the kind words, and I’m happy to share my own.

      • laurelspage says:

        I am sorry to say that currently i am not attending any Church. But I do religiously attend my wine club parties!! I am so, so busy with both working full time and also taking a course at SLCC that I relish being able to stay in bed for awhile on Sunday mornings. I do miss Church however and at some point would like to find one. I am not drawn to Sandy Ridge really anymore, although I asked Tawnya when she called to keep me in the directory and I talked to her for about 49 min, I must be lonely. Thanks for sharing your poem and for following my blog. If I could i would write for a living, alas one needs to eat so writing will have to be done on the side. Take care, Laurel

        • No worries, I’m in the same boat. Haven’t attended church regularly for about a year now. I also want to find a place, not sure whether Sandy Ridge is it, but I do miss fellowship a great deal. And I hear you about the writing; if it weren’t for bills I’d do that all day as well. You take care, too!

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