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Writing Conundrums Three and My Solutions Thereof

They say one characteristic of a successful blog is having a consistent topic. Something unique where you can find a niche, hunker down in a dark room with a coffee pot, hype up on heart-palpitating doses of caffeine, and write, … Continue reading

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Bacon – It’s what’s for Christmas

I told myself I wouldn’t do this. I said I’d simply let Christmas pass from my blog without acknowledgement.  Just pretend it didn’t exist since the only Christmas topics I could think of were gripes.   Like self-righteous gripes about the … Continue reading

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Temporarily Aligned Under Noon

Here it is!  The published piece with line-breaks (almost) exactly where I want them! Temporarily Aligned Under Noon Toni Nichole Sanderson September, 2011 Two after noon o’ clock and the vessels are pouring polite bits of something to fill in … Continue reading

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Flaunting the Talent at SLCC

After taking the time to read through and look at all of the writers’ and artists’ contributions to Salt Lake Community College’s Folio publication, I’m amazed at the talent of so many of my fellow students, and I’m grateful to … Continue reading

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“Published”! And Stuff

Alright, so I’m finally a published poet! Except I can’t say “finally” since this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to put myself out there.  And I can’t use the term “published” in its traditional sense because it’s an … Continue reading

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