Grand Pause

October – December, 2011
Nichole Sanderson

I remember starlight October strolls through a season,
heard cello moans move heartthrob throws;
low, steady and slow low vibrato
impress lashing elations
walked under arced bows over avenues swaying formal full of meaning, feeling
opposed to the quipped air brusque as crackling leaves
dropped from home below unsorrowed boughs
when, I can’t know exactly when,
my within me’s lush and green end over end swooped
fell away off its tending tree
even in ebb and flow, mostly flow of billowing autumn arms
though in musician movement
outside of me seen
my inner seat could not feel
its own beat beats
and I was transposed, that leaf underfeet

One feathered member tossed and thrown through November
rode some uninspired currents
projected atop them, deflected
landing concretely where they weren’t
reduced, supine, staring straight up at staccato sticks upholding vast, vapid skies
a sheet composed of veins uncovered
why, I don’t know rightly why
that leaf lies exposed and silence harrows oaks
bearing upon that petal-fading body
on the solid and cold, mostly cold side street ground
espied a catatonic scene
where the feel-flinging storm, storm that was everything, ceased
its uncried threnodies dried
all slow-motionless that once swung
and fro while I,
I watch.  That’s as far as I go.

I can’t remember what gave December branches
hope or reason to be strings again
a resigned peace leaves the pallid portion torn, unshivering
as its parents standing, rigid frigidity
amidst no kind breeze, no animating wind
no evidence of stirring among grey wintered rinds
they pause long enough to think gusts must, must have died
melodies and pigments ended
must only have been wishful figments
just then, I know right then,
there is in the stillness, distance – waiting
A small grafted speck of emerald leafing
the whispered sonata sound
of breathing

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2 Responses to Grand Pause

  1. planaquarium says:

    I love the whole music metaphor – beautiful, melodic flow (and not just because I play cello!)

    • Ahh! I’m jealous of your cello skills! It’s my absolute favorite instrument. If I could go back to when I first started learning music I would have chosen the cello over the sax a million times over.

      Glad you liked it, and thanks for the compliment :).

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