Flaunting the Talent at SLCC

After taking the time to read through and look at all of the writers’ and artists’ contributions to Salt Lake Community College’s Folio publication, I’m amazed at the talent of so many of my fellow students, and I’m grateful to be able to get to know some of them through what they’ve produced.  This is my chance to brag on my favorites.

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve resorted to Facebook stalking some of these people in hopes of finding more.


A Hipster Conversation About A Recently Deceased Author
–By Brian Walker

Yeah, the author died before he could finish it
the way he had intended.
But yeah,

it’s still good and yeah,
the reviews are great.  And yeah,
we’ll see another edition with “lost” portions
(and you know there’s a reason they were lost)

dug up by his ex or son or someone,
and without a doubt it’ll betray his vision.  But anyway,
have you read his first one?

I got my copy signed in ’99.
He did a reading at the book shop downtown
and there were only like

ten other people.  Yeah,
he was so ahead of his time

and yeah,

he’s sure to be imitated once his style catches on, once it
falls into the hands of the mainstream.
By then we’ll be saying he sold out
(posthumously, somehow.)

But yeah.  I’ve read it.


By Ashley Jessop

This is my favorite piece of artwork.  Somehow I think I know exactly what Ashley meant by it.  All too well.  It reminds me of a more darkened style of Maurice Sendak, author an illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are.  Wonderful.



–by Kat Zimmerman

Romance/broken romance stories/poetry aren’t interesting to me most of the time, but I thought Kat did a great job of intertwining the internet lingo with the chronology of events.  I also liked some of the unique internal rhymes.

we met on the waves of
the world wide web
fellow surfers looking for the ultimate ride
and instead
we found each other
two lost souls, unconnected and unplugged
until the electric currents
sparked, jolted
into life
friendship so deep and so true
that we traverse the continent
To:    see a smile;
hear a laugh;
parked our boards and picked up phones
with connections hardwired deep
spanning long summer days and crammed,
hurried finals, weddings, divorces
cc: could haves; should haves; maybe nots
online with each other 24/7
until the final day we both
user has: logged off


by Jessica Meckley

The green just pops and she nailed the angle of this shot.  You can feel the vines reaching, reaching!


By Samuel Smith

I’ve got a crush on this guy’s voice.  Raspy pretty manly mmmhmm.

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